Holy Wednesday, April 12 2017

All Tracks: Opening Mass and Registration at Immaculate Conception Parish, Highland Park, IL

   4:30 pm Check-In / Dinner

   6:00 pm Youth Rally

   7:00 pm Opening Mass

   8:00 pm Depart to respective parishes (youth and young adults tracks only)

Holy Thursday, April 13 2017

Youth and Young Adult Tracks: Mercy Missions in respective sites

    Residence of Consecrated Women: College Women and Young Professionals

    St. Bartholomew: High School Girls

    St. Daniel the Prophet: High School and College Boys

Family Track

    Option 1: Family Catechesis and Mass of Lord's Supper

                   5:30 pm at Immaculate Conception Parish


    Option 2: Mass of the Lord's Supper and Seven Church Pilgrimage (Bus 1 - North RC Families and Friends)

                   8:30 pm departs from St. Bartholomew's Parish

                   (7:30 pm Mass of the Lord's Supper)

    Option 3: Seven Church Pilgrimage (Bus 2)

                    8:30 pm departs from St. Daniel the Prophet Church
                    (7:00 pm Mass of the Lord's Supper)

Good Friday, April 14 2017

All Tracks

   Celebration of the Lord’s Passion

                   12:00 pm at Holy Name Cathedral

   Stations of the Cross/Crosswalk on Michigan Avenue

                    Departing from Holy Name Cathedral after the Celebration of the Lord's Passion

Holy Saturday, April 15 2017

All Tracks: Mercy Missions, serving the poor, in various sites / various schedules (see info pack)


Easter Sunday, April 16 2017

All Tracks: Brunch and Closing Mass at Immaculate Conception Parish, Highland Park IL

   9:30 am  Brunch, Easter Egg Hunt, and testimonies

   11:30 am Closing Easter Mass



Stations of the Cross on Michigan Avenue

Family Track
All are welcome
Girls' Track
Under 18
Guys' Track
Under 18
Young Women's Track
18 and over
Young Men's Track
18 and over
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